OHM Amplifiers and Controllers

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The adjustable zero-attack limiters on each output channel mean your loudspeakers as well as your listeners’ ears can be protected from excessive signal peaks, so no need to worry about the sound being turned up too high ending in disaster. An adjustable delay of up to 1 second on each input and output channel can be used in combination with the phase switch to align the sound from multiple loudspeakers.
Compact, lightweight and easy to use, yet packed full of processing power, the Oyster
is the ideal solution if you require precise control over your audio all in one readily
accessible package.

 The Oyster is a compact yet feature-packed solution for loudspeaker management using digital signal processing. With a shallow profile and inconspicuous front panel, this unit may go unnoticed in a rack in an installation or touring setup – however despite the minimalistic appearance, the Oyster is the heart of your sound system, processing the audio routed to each amplifier channel to condition it optimally for
your loudspeakers. The DSP system featured in the Oyster contains a wide selection of parametric EQ and crossover filter types, and a flexible routing matrix allowing
any of the 2 analogue inputs to be mixed and routed to any of the 6 analogue outputs as the setup requires. With an onboard capacity of 100 presets, you don’t need to stick to one configuration – create a number of presets in advance, and load them as you require, or change them on the fly if necessary. Having no external panel controls, the unit is inherently tamper-proof, and is controlled entirely using the Ohm Spyder software via the USB port on the front panel – to prevent unauthorised access, the unit can also be password-protected. The Spyder software allows each input and output channel and the routing settings to be browsed, configuring the filters and other parameters with an easy-to-use interface.The changes made via software are applied to the unit in real-time so you can hear your new settings immediately, eliminating any guesswork.


A delay of up to 1 second can be added to each input and output separately, which in combination with the phase switch allows the sound from multiple speakers to be accurately aligned. The analogue inputs feature an electrically
balanced input stage, accepting signals of up to 24 dBu peak (12.3 V) which match
any audio source on the market today. The 8 outputs are protected by relays which
switch the signal on only when the DSP is operational, preventing clicks and pops
on startup, shutdown or during firmware updates. With the Cleo’s network control and extended DSP capabilities, no matter what the scale of your installation or touring setup is, full control over the sound system is in your hands.

The Cleo MK3 is a powerful digital signal processor using the Ohm Spyder software, incorporating the same capabilities as the Oyster plus new and extended functionality, scaled up to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. The unit features 4 analogue inputs, a digital stereo AES3 input, and 8 analogue outputs. The comprehensive DSP system includes a flexible routing matrix and a fully adjustable signal chain on each input and output channel. Multiple units can be controlled remotely over a wired or wireless network by connecting to a router via the Ethernet port, and the Spyder software contains customisable grouping functionality to quickly configure more than one unit. The Cleo can also be controlled via direct connection to a computer using the USB port, or the unit’s front panel controls can be used to adjust any setting manually – however, once a setup is complete the front panel can be locked via software, making the unit tamper-proof. The Cleo’s on-board memory
has 100 preset slots, and once the data has been loaded the unit can function fully stand-alone. The DSP system features a wide selection of parametric EQ and crossover filter types. Zero-attack peak limiters and true RMS compressors are available to protect loudspeakers from excessive voltage peaks and power, or to shape the dynamics of the audio. 

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