OHM Hardware

Ohm manufacture a variety of hanging and ground stacking frames for all Ohm touring systems. If you require a completely bespoke hanging solution, Ohm can help. Just give us a call, tell us your requirements and we’ll set our best engineer to the task...
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Some companies prefer removable wheel boards instead of having wheels permanently mounted at the back of the cabinets. Maybe space is a premium
on the transportation or any noise from the wheels rattling at the back of the
cabinets on the gig can’t be accepted. In these cases a touring dolly, which
mounts to the front of the cabinet, is a great option. These dollies are locked
into place by two butterfly locks making it a fast and easy process to fit and remove.
All dollies are stackable within their size, so storage space required at the event
is minimal. They also come in handy to wheel other heavy items around to save
on physical lifting.


Buying a sound system is a big investment and to protect it from potential damage Ohm offers a selection of covers. Heavy duty covers made from waterproof foam guard allow safe transportation of the gear and helps maintain its pristine looks.
Covers are available for all portable and touring products. All flaps and foldable parts on the covers are secured with Velcro tape to ensure they stay in place offering full
protection to the cabinet regardless of how the transportation and loading is done.