With more demand than ever to provide reliable and high speed connections for businesses, the need for a network you can trust is the backbone of any company. With over 20 years experience in providing network installation and migration services, we can bring your network up to a fully maintained level and ensure service calls and repairs are kept to a minimum, allowing your company to offer new and existing customers a reliable service whilst reducing your overheads. By deploying fibre optic technology across your network, you can increase productivity and managed services whilst integrating every aspect of your working environment with control systems that enhance the space you work in.

Network services that Uplink Technologies provide;

  • Survey and assessment of existing network
  • Design and consultation
  • Installation of network infrastructure
  • Installation of network hardware
  • AVoIP architecture
  • Network configuration services
  • Fibre optic infrastructure
  • Testing and commissioning

Structured Cabling

We provide all aspects of structured cabling, including site surveys, fibre containment and basketwork, rack installations, terminations and testing/certification. Whether in a data centre or office environment, having a solid infrastructure is paramount to ensuring the reliability and efficiency of you network. 

Next Generation Hardware

Network hardware is constantly evolving to provide higher throughput speeds and greater network efficiency. With more devices being aimed towards becoming IP based, having the right hardware to manage these growing demands is vital. We install and configure every element to ensure your investment is running at optimal performance.

Working in collaboration with NETGEAR, one of the leading manufacturers of network hardware and innovation, Uplink Technologies can deliver the network you need at an affordable price whilst maintaining optimal performance and reliability. A further need for most networks today is to have a strong, reliable wireless network (WiFi), and ensuring that sufficient coverage is provided in all areas is a key part of an effective system. Uplink Technologies can provide a detailed survey of your business location, social spaces or campus to show how this can be accomplished, and advise on the best WiFi hardware to ensure you're always connected.

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