Corporate and Business Solutions

Most corporate environments still see networks and audio visual as separate systems, but the increasing number of office and meeting spaces now require the two systems to perform as one. With AVoIP (Audio Visual over Internet Protocol) becoming the need of the future, having a network that can handle audio and video traffic is paramount to making the spaces your company uses more integrated. This has been solely reliant on copper (Cat5e/Cat6/Cat7) in the past, however in order to achieve this now, a full fibre optic network is the most reliable method to deploy.

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Full Fibre Networks

The Uplink Technologies team have been providing fibre optic networks for major ISP's for the last 20 years, and using this knowledge base, we can advise on the best approach in terms of design and deployment of a fibre solution for corporate and business clients. By installing fibre cabling direct from server room locations to each media device handing audio and video streams, latency is virtually removed and bandwidth is increased. Working with our technology partners at Netgear and ZeeVee, we can offer the latest switching technology and media streaming equipment to provide solutions that will take your network to a whole new level.

Video Walls

Enabling a company to showcase its products and case studies to prospective clients is a great way of incorporating technology and marketing. Digital media and presentations can be shared across floors from reception areas to office and social spaces easily by using AVoIP technology, which can all be controlled via laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone device, giving total flexibility and ease of use.

Video Conferencing

With the need to communicate globally ever present in expanding a company's client base, and sharing with those clients your business model and ideas, providing both communication and media presentation is the most effective way to convey your message. By adding these facilities to a complete AVoIP package, it enables live video feeds and content to be streamed to any screen, monitor or video wall within the network, meaning that even remote users can join meetings and share documents and presentations in real-time environments.