Healthcare Technology Solutions

Hospital and GP Surgery Reception Areas

Digital displays play a vital role when it comes to providing important information about patient waiting times, public safety announcements, tips and advice during seasonal periods and more recently, updates and information concerning Covid-19 precautions and procedures. These can be updated in real time or have rolling predefined media displayed 24/7

Teaching Spaces and Lecture Theatres

Providing space for ongoing teaching and education for medical staff within the hospital is important, and requires the latest technology to enable interactive devices and teaching aides to deliver the content and presentation material, sometimes in various formats and across multiple sites if audiences are large or joining the sessions remotely. At Uplink Technologies, we use AV over IP technology to enable users to stream their content across local and wide area networks, in order to reach everyone involved.

VoIP Telephone Systems

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is fast becoming the preferred method of communication in both business and organisation sectors. With service providers moving away from analogue telephone systems and IP taking centre stage of all data traffic, having the right VoIP system in place can have significant cost savings and streamline your telephony needs. This is particularly significant with the increase of all services being transmitted and received over an IP network.

Access Control and Security

Ensuring security of the staff and patients within a Healthcare environment is paramount. Whether you are looking to control access to doors, parking barriers or want to increase the level of security you currently operate, installing a system that is both robust and simple to use is an ideal and cost effective solution. With the ability to manage access via a web based platform, you can assign smart cards, fobs and smartphones to allow the right people access to the right areas. This process can also be used to give restricted access at certain times to groups and individuals depending on their tasks or employment position within the building, and can be linked to CCTV and alarm systems to give greater flexibility when applying access.