ISP (Internet Service Providers)

With more demand than ever to provide reliable and high-speed connections to business and residential customers, the need for a network you can trust is the backbone of any organisation. Whether you have a small office network, or a large corporate intranet, we can install and maintain your network to meet the capacity required.

From Data Centre to Corporate Office projects, the backbone of any successful network is to ensure the design and implementation is carried out to the highest standard possible.

Whether hard wired or wireless, from cabling to equipment selection and installation, it pays to provide the correct infrastructure. This is key to optimising performance and ensuring your network operates reliably. With over 20 years experience in providing network installation and migration services, we can bring your network up to a fully maintained level and ensure service calls and repairs are kept to a minimum, allowing your company to offer new and existing customers a reliable service whilst reducing your overheads.  Our services we offer in this sector are;

  • Site Surveys and Design Assistance
  • Installation of Converged Broadband Routers
  • DOCSIS 3.1 Upgrades
  • HFC Hardware installation and commissioning
  • Rack n Stack of network hardware and associated internal cabling
  • Containment installation
  • HFC Passive Platform Builds
  • Fibre circuit installations (including scoping, recording and documentation)
  • Balancing and Commissioning
  • Network re-segmentation