Marine Applications

Installing AV, Lighting and Networks aboard a wide range of vessels presents its own challenges, with space being at a premium and Wi-Fi requirements needing to exceed that of an open space environment. Providing the services and equipment expected within a luxury yacht or passenger ship, to cater for specific clients or mass entertainment is a specialist task. Our experience in the sector has taught us that no two projects are the same, and we delight in the challenges that these unique opportunities bring.

AV at Sea

Uplink Special Projects Division provides clients with completely bespoke design solutions for applications that require specific detailing. With the need to provide the latest technology, but with equipment space being a premium aboard super yachts and passenger vessels, our design team creates solutions based around delivering maximum system availability in a compact and efficient form. Combining high speed fibre optic infrastructure with digital Audio Visual and cloud based products, we are able to deliver large scale services over small scale solutions.

Next Generation AV over IP Solutions

Dante AV is a revolutionary new AV solution for IP networks that allows manufacturers to add networked video to the industry-leading Dante audio-over-IP platform. It provides the ease of use, seamless multi-vendor interoperability, and integrated control experience that customers can have built to suit their requirements.

What Dante AV Systems can offer


Complete turnkey solution for AV-over-IP products with the Dante AV Module and Dante AV Product Design Suite

Audio and video streams completely time aligned and separately routable

Instant compatibility with over 1600 existing Dante-enabled audio products

Unified control of audio and video using familiar tools - Dante Controller and Dante Domain Manager

Works with already installed, cost-effective IP network hardware - no need to replace network infrastructure

Dante AV Product Design Suite utilises visually lossless, network-efficient JPEG2000 codec

Dante AV Module is codec-agnostic, works with any video codec

Fully validated implementation of HDCP 2.2 over IP

Complete Dante control API for integration with manufacturers’ tools and user interfaces 

USB HID, serial, and IR over IP for easy control of remote devices



Rapid time-to-market with turnkey solution

Solve problems of audio-video synchronisation

Easily route audio and video content to different endpoints

Works on networks already installed today

Eliminate problems of obtaining HDCP validation for products

Easy interoperability between devices from different vendors

Integrate Dante control into your own products, or use free Dante Controller


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